Foursquare Rant


Originally Published on June 29th, 2014…Update Below

I love checking in. L-O-V-E it. I check in more than all of my friends combined. This is why i’m so troubled by Swarm and Foursquare. I understand that Foursquare felt it needed to differentiate itself from Facebook check ins when that was introduced. I felt very meh about it trying to introduce suggestions. It didn’t overwhelm the app and overall it didn’t do suggestions very well. I did love how It integrated with Facebook check ins. That, along with the badges is why I stuck around.

When Swarm came out I downloaded it, just to see what the deal was and was bothered by the inevitability of foursquare moving the check in out of the foursquare app. The additional graphic you can add to your avatar with each check in was cool. I liked how it showed you how far your friends were from you when they last checked in. Along with the Making Plans feature are nice. But this is all things they could have done in the foursquare app. It appears the Badges and Mayor-ships will be put out to pasture. The integration of Facebook check ins are clunky in Swarm. The check in experience was just a disappointment overall.

So, now it’s officially started. When you attempt to check-in on Foursquare it opens Swarm. Foursquare posted a news release ( ) basically saying Foursquare will be focusing on “Finding Places you Love”. Looks like I’ll probably just abandon Swarm and start checking-in directly on Facebook.

Foursquare is Dead. Long Live Foursquare.

UPDATE 5/5/15: Swarm now has converted Foursquare Badges into Stickers and will apparently be bringing back mayorships in a future update. This still begs the question…”Why didn’t they just make the new app the recommendation engine and keep the check-in app “foursquare”?”.


Good Friday Thoughts

Instead of blasting a multiple links out at my Facebook and Twitter followers I’m just going to collect them here for your perusal.

From Facebook:

Jesus was not killed by atheism and anarchy.

He was brought down by law and order allied with religion, which is always a deadly mix.

Beware those who claim to know the mind of God and who are prepared to use force, if necessary, to make others conform.

Beware those who cannot tell God’s will from their own.

Temple police are always a bad sign. – Barbara Brown Taylor

A blog post that was worth re-reading a year after it was posted…

Good Friday

And Lastly I want to bring to light a series of tweets from Pastor Dan on twitter from last night (Maundy Thursday)…

Reasonably confident the messianic banquet will not include pizza

Spider-Man, the MCU, and DC Comics


So Spider-Man’s movie rights have, partially, returned to Marvel as he’ll enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in the near future. You can Google for the specifics of the history of the deals and the characters. I just want to get a few things out of my head about the deals and the MCU compared to what DC is doing over at Warner Bros..

The leaked emails and GOTG lead to this bit of news. I can only imagine business executives at Sony asking each other how a talking raccoon and a tree person out grossed Spider-Man. That on top of the leaked emails really led to Sony to ask for this deal. This Variety article is a good read on the deal.

My biggest fear going forward for the MCU is that they keep the current Captain America:Civil War script and shoehorn Spidey into it. Spider Man 3 is a great example of shoehorning in a character not intended to be there when Sony insisted Venom be included. That decision basically killed that iteration of the franchise. I hope that they rewrite the script from scratch to properly introduce Spidey into the MCU. I just don’t see how they’ll be able to give his story the same weight it has in the comics Civil War with him just arriving in the MCU. But, Marvel Studios has a history of surprising us. There is enough more than enough time before Avengers: Infinity War to build up Spider-Man’s presence in the MCU. So, beyond Civil War, I think it should be fun for Marvel fans to finally get to see Spider-Man join the Avengers and the rest of the MCU. The news might not be as great for Hawkeye…

On to DC. I’ll admit growing up I had little knowledge of Marvel beyond Spider-Man, Captain America, and I barely was aware of Thor thanks to Adventures in Babysitting. DC was where it was at when I was growing up. I loved Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. This is why I’m so sad about how WB has treated these properties in light of how well Marvel is doing with the MCU. I was interested in Arrow, Flash, and what DC has planned for their TV properties. But, I’ve yet to invest time in watching because as my interest peaked about going back and catching up on Arrow, the announcement came about the DC Justice League movie having nothing to do with the TV universe. Two different actors will be playing 2 different versions of the Flash? No thanks.

I have a limited attention span with all of the commitments in my life. These announcements have convinced me that the DC universe is a train wreck. I’ll go see Batman V. Superman but their lack of a shared TV universe has turned me off of what appears to be a pair of very good TV shows. That’s a pity for a universe I care about as a kid.


Someone on my Facebook today posted the following and their names have been removed.

“And this I speak for your own profit; not that I may cast a snare upon you, but for that which is comely, and that ye may attend upon the Lord without distraction. (1 Corinthians 7:35 KJV)

*************** and I have decided to deactivate our Facebook accounts so that we can easily rid a distraction that takes away from both our family time and our time with The Lord. If you need me you can message me for my number in the next few hours. Love you all!

I don’t want to cause a fuss on Facebook but I feel the need to go ahead and get two things off of my chest.

First, Social media isn’t keeping you from a relationship with God or having adequate family time. If you can’t manage your time well enough to keep social media from being a distraction just admit you can’t manage your time well. I’m late all the time. My friends have a nickname for my tardiness. I’m not blaming Facebook.

Second, no one is served by someone saying, “I’m leaving because I want a closer relationship with God”. There are several outlets on Facebook that I’ve found to cultivate my relationship with God. This leads me to believe that this statement is a not so subtle way to say, “I’m holier than thou”, as someone walks out the door.

This leads me translate the above message to “We’ve decided to quit Facebook because we can’t manage our time well and we’re holier than thou. If you need me, leave this place, and text me. LOVE YA!”

But maybe I’m just being snarky.


UPDATE! 12-19-14: Apparently Instagram isn’t keeping certain people from their family and from their relationship with God. Awesome for them.

Simple Taco Soup

I got this recipe from a friend. I’m jotting this down here, quick and dirty, so I won’t lose it, and so I can Pin it. I might come back and embellish this post with a photo next time I make it but until then ENJOY!


1lb Ground Turkey

1 1oz. Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing & Seasoning Mix

1 1oz. Taco Bell Taco Seasoning Mix

1 10oz. Can Mild Rotel

1 15.25oz Can Whole Kernel Corn

2 15.5oz Can Pinto Beans

Onion Flakes

Chili Powder



  1. Brown Ground Turkey with a dash of Dried Onion Flakes in a skillet.
  2. Mix Browned Ground Turkey in Soup pot with a can of mild Rotel, 2 cans of Pinto Beans, a Can of Whole Kernel Corn, a dash of Chili Powder, contents of the Hidden Valley Ranch packet, Contents of Taco Bell taco packet, and 1/2 cup water. DO NOT STRAIN THE LIQUID OFF OF THE CANS OF ROTEL, PINTO BEANS, OR CORN WHEN MIXING!
  3. Stir occasionally on medium heat for one hour.

Serve with Cheese Toast or Grilled Cheese.

Fail Festivals & The Judgement House

finalcolorlogofordownloadEvery October a few things really irritate me. One is how Pink has overtaken Oranges and Browns as the color of the month. I’m all for Breast Cancer awareness but let’s pick another month that has no traditional color choice. June, August, September…I’m looking at you.

The second is that over the last decade or so there has been a concerted effort to ignore Halloween. Sure there are still some Halloween specials on TV but the majority of schools and public events have all transformed traditional Halloween parties to “Fall Festivals”. Some Churches call their Halloween Carnivals “Holyween”. We still have candy, Jack-O-Lanterns, costumes, and such, but don’t dare call it Halloween. I’ve reverted to calling them fail festivals. I mean who are we kidding.

Lastly a lot of our local churches take the opportunity that October provides to stage elaborate plays that are designed to attract people who like to be scared, in hopes to scare them into salvation. I think Jesus himself would be embarrassed and possibly angered by this. I’m no saint but if you need to scare someone to salvation, it’s not salvation worth having.

Chrome for Windows (64-Bit) Install Instructions

Okay, I posted a link to download chrome on my Facebook page and had some people complain about how complicated it was to install. So, Here is some instructions with screen shots. If the images are too small you can click them to increase their size…

1. Go to in your preferred web browser. I’m going to be using Chrome 32 Bit.

2. If you are running a 64-bit Version of Windows you’ll be presented with the following screen. Click Windows 64-Bit (which I circled and pointed an arrow at below).

firstIf you are not running a 64-bit version of Windows, or Windows XP 64-Bit, this option will not appear! Sorry, but the following will be of no help to you.

3. When you click that link you’ll notice a slight shift in text. Now where it said 64-bit, it will say 32-bit (Which is circled). When this occurs, just click the “Download Chrome” button which I pointed to bellow.

second4. You’ll have the following pop up on your screen. I’m not going to tell you if you should send stats back to Google or if you should make Chrome your default browser. Just click Accept and Install to proceed.

third5. Now you’ll download ChromeSetup.exe It should download to your default download location.



6. This part is IMPORTANT! If you are using Chrome to download this you will need to close your browser. It will not install if the old version of chrome is open. If the installer runs while Chrome is open, you probably accidentally downloaded the 32 bit version.

Now Go to where your default download location is and run ChromeSetup.exe.


7. Now you’ll probably get the following screen..


8. Click Run. Then a window that looks similar to the following, but not exactly, will probably pop up. Click yes…


9. It’s possible, but unlikely, that the previous two boxes won’t pop up. If they don’t, it’s not a big deal. Now the following window will appear and will connect to the internet, download, and install.


FYI FOR CHROME 32-BIT USERS!! Remember when I said that you need to close chrome before you install? If you run into troubles during this step it’s possible that chrome left some processes running. If that occurs please reboot your machine and run ChromeSetup.exe again, restarting at step 6 in these instructions.

10. When it’s finished installing it will auto launch the browser. If it doesn’t launch Chrome. Then Click The 3 bars in the upper Right Corner (which I pointed to bellow)


11. Now you’ll have a menu opened. Click “About Google Chrome”


12. Now you’ll get an about screen if you installed the software correctly, you’ll now notice that the version number will have (64-Bit) at the end. If that’s there you’re done!